This Is Likely One of the Last Things You Want to See While Hunting

Wild boar have apparently had enough of being prey for hunters and are striking back.

At least two videos have been posted on viral media in the last couple months showing cases of boars getting their revenge.

This video, shot from a French hunter’s perspective and time-stamped Jan. 4, recorded a dog barking in the background. The hunter raised his firearm and, before he can even think about firing a shot, he was run down by a speeding boar.

wild boar
Image source: YouTube

On the ground, the gun discharged, but the boar, unfazed, came back for another hit at the hunter before taking off.

wild boar
Image source: YouTube

Back on his feet, the hunter fired another shot. It appeared as if the animal was hit but still alive:

Here’s a video posted to LiveLeak in December showing another charging boar incident: