15 Seconds Into This Campaign Video It’s Clear It’s a Winner

Breck Sasse gets my vote.

He’s the cute little guy in this video. His dad, Ben Sasse, is the one trying to win a Senate race in Nebraska. Sasse and his campaign staff wanted to shoot a video talking about the importance of family and honoring life.

Within 15 seconds, though, Breck pulls an ultimate kid move and… well, you’ll see!

Did you catch his finger?

You have to admit, Sasse does a great job of delivering the message while squirmy Breck checks for boogers, chomps on his dinosaur, makes faces at mom (who was off screen to the left) and finally decides to take a nose dive off Dad’s lap.

The Sasse campaign decided to release the video in Nebraska Wednesday evening, nose-picking and all.

“Ben Sasse is 100% committed to defending the unborn and repealing ObamaCare. Breck Sasse is 100% committed to being adorable and hilarious, no matter the setting,” Jordan Gehrke, Sasse’s Senior Advisor told TheBlaze in an email.

“Ben and Melissa laughed so much when they saw it, we just decided to roll with it. We think it gives people a chance to see Ben for who he really is.”



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