This Is Why Christian Videos With ‘Eternal Significance’ Are Exploding Across the Internet

FaithIt, a viral video website that’s doing work “for Kingdom good” by spreading Christian stories with the “potential to change lives,” isn’t your average website. The platform is all about positive themes, as it prominently features uplifting videos designed to be shared and revered by people of faith.

And the site’s trajectory, too, is uncommon.

FaithIt launched last August and has already made a major splash, bringing in a stunning 10 million unique views in its third month of existence. It’s no surprise, considering that many of the videos are appearing in Facebook feeds, helping lead to their viral spread.

So, what’s the story behind the FaithIt brand?

Scott Evans, president and CEO of Colorado Springs, Colo-based Outreach, Inc., the viral news site’s parent company, told TheBlaze that it all started when his team began thinking about what would happen if they started focusing on helping Christians spread their faith using social media.

So, Outreach, a marketing and media company that typically focuses on church outreach, decided last year to try something different.

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“The idea behind FaithIt is, ‘What would happen if we took our focus on church leaders and pastors and went a step further and tried to equip Christians around the world to share their faith socially?'” he said.

Evans added, “We formed a small team [and explored] going one step further from church leaders and looking at being able to equip the broader church members to be able to share their faith socially.”

Months after first meeting to discuss the concept, Evans’ team launched FaithIt on Aug. 27, in an effort to help spread the Christian message through viral videos. What they assumed would be a fun experiment ended up exploding into a wildly popular website.

“We are surprised. Very surprised,” he said of the response. “One of our values here at Outreach is agility … We like to try lots of new things and so, to tell you the truth, FaithIt was just a bullet shot.”

Now, Evans said his team is focused on learning what works as the site grows, specifically when it comes to determining what makes content go viral.

In addition to bringing in 10 million unique views in the site’s third month of existence, overall, more than 50 million people have visited FaithIt since its launch late last summer.

But Evans, who told TheBlaze that all of this stunning growth is organic, said it’s “not about the numbers.” Unlike many other websites that are built with a goal of increasing stats, this Christian businessman is most concerned with making an eternal impact.

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“We’d be happy with fewer numbers and less growth if we were really able to move people,” he said. “Our goal is to help people change the world by sharing stories of eternal significance and when we think about eternal significance we’re thinking things like love, hope, justice, mercy, faith.”

Outreach, which has an overall staff of about 110 people, employs fewer than 10 individuals to work full-time on FaithIt (about four people work on the editorial team), though as the site grows it’s likely others will be added.

Visit FaithIt to learn more about the popular viral video site.

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