Major Senator Recalls the Moment She Peered Out Her Window Only to Get a Creepy Surprise

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) recounted during her opening remarks at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on drone surveillance how she once came face to face with a drone she thought was spying on her own home.

“[There] was a drone right there at the window looking out at me,” said the senator, who has raised privacy concerns about aerial surveillance in the past.

The operator might have been surprised by Feinstein because, she said, because  “the drone wheeled around and crashed, so I felt a little good about that,” according to Politico.

The Wire looked more into the incident and learned from the senator’s spokesman Brian Weiss that it occurred at Feinstein’s San Francisco home during a Code Pink protest in June 2013. The anti-war group was protesting the senator’s support of the NSA at the time, The Wire reported.

helicopter drone
One of the “drones,” which actually appears to be more of a remote controlled helicopter toy, use at a protest outside of Feinstein’s California home. (Image source: YouTube)

Steve Rhodes took photos of the protest that day, according to The Wire, and said the devices, which were identified as remote controlled helicopters, did not have cameras mounted on them.

helicopter drone
A Code Pink protester holds another helicopter. (Image source: YouTube)

Watch video from the protest found by The Wire:

At one point in the video, there does appear to be footage from a camera, but it’s unclear if it’s from the “video camera in glasses” or another source. The group also appeared to have trouble with one of their “drones” and “flew” it with a string connected to a stick.

(H/T: Reddit)