Watch What Happens When Strangers Are Asked for Their Opinion on Joe Biden

People think of certain qualities when they hear certain names.

For instance, many people think of grace and dignity when they hear the name Abraham Lincoln. Likewise, the name George Washington makes people think of honor and strength.

The name Joe Biden, on the other, apparently makes people laugh. At least that’s what the Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph discovered when he interviewed random strangers in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The name Joe Biden apparently makes people laugh (image source: screen grab)
And laugh (image source: screen grab)
And laugh some more (image source: screen grab)

From eye rolls to chuckles to ignorance of the name, the following video doesn’t paint a very flattering picture of the man who is just one heartbeat away from holding the most powerful office in the free world:

Now, as TheBlaze usually notes in articles involving “man on the street” videos, it’s unfair to draw conclusions based on the answers of a few.

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