Bill Maher Has a Message for ‘Gun Nuts’ Who Watch ‘Duck Dynasty’

Late night comedian Bill Maher returned to television Friday night and took aim at the popular show “Duck Dynasty,” asking Americans to give it up for the new year.

“And finally, a resolution I have been asking America to make for a long time,” he said. “Be more cynical. Be less easily fooled. Case in point, all the people that are fans of these guys, heroes to all the rural heartland traditional values gun nuts out there.”

Watch the clip (comments begin at around 4-minute mark):

“Except here is what we recently found out these guys really look like before they got their TV show, preppy a**holes at the golf club wearing Tommy Bahama,” Maher continued. “That’s right. It is all an act, fat cats pretending to be just folks. And you fell for it.”

Earlier in the show, Maher jokingly advised viewers of the show to move to the Middle East.

“If you are that taken with a bunch of backwards religious cranks with long beards issuing ridiculous pronouncements — move to Iran,” he said. “They’ve got tons of them there.”

(H/T: Mediaite)

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