10-Year-Old Boy Responds to Terminal Cancer in the Most Amazing Way

Keegan Keppner, a 10-year-old from Eugene, Ore., was diagnosed with cancer in 2005. His family would later learn that it’s terminal. He’s focusing these days not on himself, but others in need, specifically those homeless in his community.

“I just feel bad for the people becoming homeless,” Keppner told KVAL-TV. “I don’t want anyone to become homeless.”

keegan keppner
Keegan Keppner and his stepfather showed up to a homeless camp in Oregon over the weekend to give food to the hungry. It was something Keegan, who has a terminal case of cancer, wanted to do. (Image source: KVAL-TV)

To help ease their burdens, Keppner and his stepdad brought breakfast to a local homeless camp Saturday morning.

“We got breakfast for you guys,” Keppner’s stepfather said as they arrived at an area called Whoville camp, which recently had an eviction sign posted by the authorities. The pair had a pot of hot rice and beans and bread to offer.

“[It was] very, very beautiful,” one of those grateful for the warm meal told KVAL.

keegan keppner
Keppner explained to the news station that feeding the hungry was something that made him feel good and something that he intended on doing again. (Image source: KVAL-TV)

“You made a lot of people’s day,” the boy’s stepdad said.

Keppner’s cancer is terminal Glioma, a type affecting his brain and spine. Despite dealing with an extremely difficult diagnosis, Keppner said it’s not stopping him from doing “what makes me feel good,” which in this case is feeding the hungry.

Watch KVAL-TV’s report:

The father-son team plan to go back to the homeless community Tuesday with a pot of chili.