MSNBC Host Claims MLK Wanted Guaranteed Income and Occupation For All

Martin Luther King Jr. in his final days wanted the United States government to guarantee an income and occupation for all, MSNBC host Toure claimed Monday.

The cable news segment began with footage of Dr. King noting in a speech that many white people were receiving federal farming subsidies despite the fact that they were not actually farmers.

Dr. King fought for an “economic bill of rights that would provide a guaranteed income that would make sure that every American had a concrete amount to spend each year,” Toure said.

“He meant for government to ensure every American a reasonable income that would be linked to inflation,” the cable news pundit added. “Government would also have a responsibility to create jobs.”

Toure noted that before Dr. King’s untimely death, the civil rights leader was “drafting a multi-racial army of the poor to dramatize their plight.”

“And children who grow up with access to food stamps grow up healthier and more likely to finish school than kids without food stamps,” Toure said. “Intergenerational class mobility is nearly impossible in modern America.”

“The rich are, of course, their own safety net. The poor are set up to fail,” he added.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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