Heart-Pounding Video Takes You Inside the Cockpit of One of the World’s Fastest Jets

Nothing wakes you up faster than zipping through a valley at 250 feet and 400 plus miles an hour.

The London Science Museum got the Royal Air Force to capture an in-cockpit video with one of the worlds fastest jets, the Eurofighter Typhoon. This plane can fly up to 1,500 miles per hour and the video – narrated by Flight Lieutenant Jamie Norris – takes you through some of the most dynamic maneuvers this front line jet can offer.

Flight Lieutenant Jamie Norris flies the Eurofighter Typhoon and narrates the dynamic maneuvers in the video. (Screenshot, YouTube).

Lieutenant Norris is a member of RAF 29 Squadron and he takes the audience through a fast-paced aerial tour of the Welsh Mountains and the Lake District.

“Five G’s over the top” means you’ve just pulled five times the force of gravity over the top of the turn.

Nothing like seeing the curvature of the earth as you recover on the top of a roll. (Screenshot, YouTube).

The pilots check each other’s gear and panels to make sure they are ready to perform the low-level maneuvers. The last thing you want is any unexpected movement from the jet when you are so close to the ground.

Most fighter squadrons, even in the United Kingdom, will conduct their missions with at least two jets airborne. This allows for greater safety and better options for training missions. (Screenshot, YouTube).

If you think you’re ready, strap in, keep your arms and feet inside your cubicle, and press play.