‘They Put Principles Before Politics’: Some of the Best Reactions to the #IWantTheBlaze Campaign

Glenn Beck’s multimedia network TheBlaze has undergone a sustained “Get TheBlaze” campaign in an effort to raise awareness and get picked up by more cable providers across the country.

Periodically, the network announces “days of action” when consumers are asked to call, email, and take to social media, asking their cable providers to add TheBlaze TV to their respective lineups.

On Tuesday, Americans across the country spoke out in response to the call to action — and the response was vast.

Fox News host Sean Hannity, illusionist/comedian/musician/actor/author Penn Jillete, and the National Rifle Association were among the many to tweet their support for TheBlaze:

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According to TheBlaze’s social media manager Sara Johnson, the hashtag “#IWantTheBlaze” hit the number one non-promoted trend in the United States on Twitter during the most recent day of action.

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While many have reached out to their cable providers, the response from the providers has been mixed. One Comcast representative reportedly told a customer that Comcast carries TheBlaze in other states, which is not true. A representative of another major cable company said he listens to TheBlaze every morning, and that he is being flooded with so many calls that it’s starting to make a dent in his commission-based salary.

TheBlaze reached out to Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and DIRECTV for an official response to the “day of action,” but Time Warner was the only cable provider to respond immediately. The network’s representative said she had nothing to add since we last inquired.

At the time, Time Warner representative Maureen Huff wrote in an email: “We’ve had discussions regarding carriage of (TheBlaze), but we don’t have an agreement.”

Lynne Costantini, President, Business Development at TheBlaze, concluded: “Our grass roots campaign has been effective, as evidenced by the fact that 50 TV providers have added TheBlaze since we kicked off our GetTheBlaze campaign less than a year ago.  We are humbled by the support of our audience and their perseverance in making their voices and preferences known to those TV providers that have not yet launched TheBlaze.  We’re not going to ease up until TheBlaze is available to millions more homes in America.”

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