Piers Morgan Calls Glenn Beck What?! (Also Included: Ann Coulter Rips CNN Host Over Guns)

CNN’s Piers Morgan on Wednesday praised Glenn Beck for repeating something TheBlaze TV host said before: That he wished in the past wishes he would have done more to talk “about the uniting principles a little more instead of the problems.” Morgan went as far to call Beck “brave.”


“Glenn Beck was quite brave, I thought, to say what he said,” Morgan said.

The CNN host then decided to be “self-reflective” himself and admitted that when he gets “over angry” or “abusive” to pro-gun advocates during gun debates, it “actually doesn’t help the debate.”

When Morgan asked his guest, conservative firebrand Ann Coulter, if she too regrets using any divisive political rhetoric, she replied like you might expect.

“I was definitely too nice to Hillary Clinton,” she said. “I think I was overly enthusiastic about Chris Christie without waiting to hear his amnesty position.”

Coulter then told Morgan that she has absolutely no regrets whatsoever.

“Every viewer watching this knows you’ve gone too far,” the CNN host shot back.

Morgan and Coulter also clashed over gun control and recent comments made by anti-gun Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Coulter got animated as she pointed out the connection between mental illness and mass shootings.

“The idea that when one spree killing after another is committed by a crazy person, that you think taking the guns away is going to do something,” she said. “It’s like draining an ocean to find a ring you lost. That isn’t going to help.”

Watch the rest of that debate here:

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