Did the Man Trying to Smuggle a Machine Gun Past an Israeli Checkpoint Really Think This Bag Would Hide It?

The Israel Defense Forces says that one of its units during a routine checkpoint search Tuesday night discovered a weapon hidden inside a Disney Princess backpack. Imprinted on the pink bag were the images of two of the cartoon princesses as seen in this photo that the IDF posted:

The Israel Defense Forces released this photo showing a homemade weapon and the princess school bag in which it was hidden (Photo: IDF Spokesman)

The IDF Spokesman said on its blog Wednesday morning that soldiers from the Kfir Brigade discovered the backpack with its contraband contents inside a vehicle being driven by a Palestinian.

IDF company commander Captain Sefi Mor said, “The driver aroused suspicion after a preliminary search.”

“He seemed anxious, so we decided to perform a comprehensive search of the vehicle,” Mor added.

Palestinians living in the West Bank frequently complain about the impact security checkpoints have on their freedom of movement. But the IDF Spokesman said, “Because of the high potential for terrorism and weapons smuggling, IDF forces stationed at the checkpoint are constantly on alert for threats. Last night [Tuesday], the same battalion detained another suspect who attempted to pass through the checkpoint.”

It further noted that more than a month ago, an explosive device was discovered being transported in a Palestinian vehicle.

Other weapons raids this week included uncovering “a large cache of weapons” in Hebron, which the IDF said included “an M-16 firearm, several weapons parts and about 8,000 bullets.”

Weapons cache found in Hebron (Photo: IDF Spokesman)
Photo: IDF Spokesman

A raid in Jenin unveiled “a military-grade explosive device, an Uzi firearm and ammunition.”

“We found the weapons in different hiding places, behind wardrobes and under drawers,” said Lt. Col. Roi Nahari, an IDF battalion commander. “We also discovered hiding places inside the walls of houses.”