An 18-year-old girl killed in a terrorist bombing Tuesday chillingly predicted how she expected she might die, Middle East media reported.

Lebanese Girl Who Survived Three Terrorist Attacks Was Killed This Week in a Suicide Bombing

Middle East websites posted this from Maria Hussein al-Jawhari, who expressed fear she would be killed in a terrorist attack. (Image source: Lebanon News)

After a suicide car bombing in a southern suburb of Beirut killed five on Jan. 2, Maria Hussein al-Jawhari posted on Facebook, “This is the third bombing that I escape, I don’t know if the fourth will kill me – feeling sad.”

On Tuesday, Jawhari was one of four suicide bombing victims on the same street that was targeted two weeks earlier. The Lebanon branch of the Al-Nusra Front claimed responsibility for the attack and said it would continue to strike Hezbollah strongholds.

Al-Arabiya reported that the teen was killed while she was at work at a shoe store.

“She was very lighthearted, it was a pleasure to sit with her … she treated everyone equally, old, young – she treated me like a friend, not an auntie,” a family friend said of Jawhari. “She worked in the store but she had dreams, like any girl her age. She dreamed of having a life, a future, of living in security.”

Others who live in the same area voiced their fears on Facebook.

One woman who was quoted by Al Arabiya expressed a desire to leave the suburb of Haret Hreik “every day.”

“Every time I walk down the street, every car I see, I think ‘is this it?’” the woman who posted anonymously said.

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