Dad Goes to Extreme Measures to Stop Stepdaughter’s Partying… and Gets Arrested

An Oregon State University student for months received threats via email, had her social media accounts hacked, had property damaged and her apartment broken into. Just last week a suspect was found: her stepdad.

Bryan Tilley of Corvallis, Ore., was arrested on charges of burglary, theft, computer crime and more against his 22-year-old stepdaughter. His reasoning for doing such things? He wanted to stop her from what he believed to be excessive partying and seeing a man he didn’t like.

Bryan Tilley_benton county jail
Bryan Tilley pleaded not guilty to charges brought against him. (Image source: Benton County Jail via KPTV-TV)

KPTV-TV reported that Tilley started hacking into his stepdaughter’s Instagram account in October, guessing her password. Using photos from his stepdaughter’s computer, Tilley allegedly created a fake email account and sent threatening emails, saying personal photos would go public if the 22-year-old didn’t stop the actions he didn’t like. Apparently his stepdaughter didn’t stop hanging out with the man her stepdad didn’t like, because he posted the photos on Instagram in November, the Corvallis Gazette-Times reported.

KPTV reported that he also hacked into her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

But that’s not all. Tilley allegedly used an ice pick to slash the tires on her roommate’s car and threatened to do the same to her vehicle. He is also accused of breaking into her apartment and pouring out a bottle of liquor.

Watch KPTV-TV’s report:

In court Tuesday, KPTV reported that Tilley pleaded not guilty.