Exclusive Photo: NASA’s First Night Launch of 2014

Locals know best, especially when it comes to getting the best shots of rocket launches. Tom Moler, of Cocoa Beach, Fla., sent The Blaze this exclusive shot of the Thursday Atlas V rocket launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station;

NASA’s first night launch of 2014 is captured by several local photographers who lined the water’s edge in Cocoa Beach, Fl. (Credit: Tom Moler/TTM Photography)

NASA’s launched its Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-L (TDRS-L) aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V 401 rocket at 9:33 p.m. from CCAFS’s Space Launch Complex 41 in Florida.

The TDRS System is NASA’s network of specialized communications satellites that orbit 22,300 miles above the Earth.

(H/T: TMM Photography)

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