Report: Armed Bail Bondsmen Pull Three Innocent Men From Car… Then Just Left the Scene When Cops Arrived

Ben Caulton, 22, was on Interstate 94 in Detroit on Tuesday night when his car was rear-ended by another vehicle.

Ben Caulton (Image source: WDIV-TV)

Caulton — who was with his friends Devonte Dixon, 20 (in the passenger seat) and Justin James, 16 (in the back seat) — said a man ran up to his car and apologized.

That’s when trouble really began, according to WDIV-TV in Detroit.

Two men dressed in all black pulled Caulton, Dixon, and James from the car.

“They twisted my arms up, put me against the car, checked my pockets and everything,” James told WDIV.

Then they sat Dixon and James in the middle of I-94 with their guns drawn.

“I see rifles, they’re talking about tasers,” Caulton told WDIV.

After Detroit Police arrived, video reportedly shows one officer sitting Caulton on the highway next to his friends.

A Detroit police officer is reportedly seen here forcing Caulton to the ground, according to WDIV. (Image source: WDIV)

So who were the two men dressed in black with their weapons drawn? Detroit Police said they are bail bondsmen who happened to be in the area at the time of the crash.

WDIV did not report what motivated the bail bondsmen to force Caulton, Dixon, and James from the car, but the station did note that Detroit police may have thought the bondsmen were law enforcement as well — but the police never asked, according to investigators.

When Michigan State Police arrived, they found out neither Caulton, Dixon, nor James had a warrant or prior criminal record.

Detroit police officials said they are investigating the video and trying to identify their officers who responded to the crash and determining if there was any negligence on their part.

While police told WDIV that the bondsmen’s actions will not be tolerated and that they’re trying to track them down, there was no report as to how authorities learned the men in question are bondsmen if police never asked them if they were law enforcement to begin with.

If it was Michigan State Police who figured out that the men are bondsmen, and not Detroit Police, there was no report as to why the bondsmen were let go from the scene.

Since the crash wasn’t their fault, what do the victims believe was behind the treatment they received?

“I feel like it was racial profiling,” Dixon told WDIV. “They see three black guys in the car, they think something is going wrong.”

Devonte Dixon (Image source: WDIV)

James agrees: “I feel like we were violated. Like, what was the point of us being on the ground?”

Justin James (Image source: WDIV)

TheBlaze contacted Detroit Police and Michigan State Police for answers Thursday but messages were not immediately returned.

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