Thief Didn’t Expect the Things He Stole to Have High-Tech Trackers That Led Police Right to His Bedroom

Allen Crosby is a self-professed “technophile.” Being so, he tagged many of his electronics with small GPS tracking devices just in case they were ever stolen.

Just last week, they were stolen. But thanks to what Crosby described as “mini-micro GPS units,” he was able to track his up to $10,000 worth of electronics and jewelry all the way to the suspect’s driveway and into his home, KPHO-TV reported.

GPS location
This image shows the actual satellite image showing the location of the GPS devices inside the suspect’s home. (Image source: Yavapai County Sheriff Office)

Crosby’s Phoenix, Ariz., home was burglarized last week, but using a smartphone app, he was able to show Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies just where the stolen items could be found.

“We actually watched the vehicle pull directly into the suspect’s driveway,” Crosby told the news station. “We then saw the bag move into house and we were able to pinpoint the exact room where it was in via satellite image.”

When deputies went to the Chino Valley home where the items were thought to be, the homeowners allowed them inside. Going straight to the bedroom, Crosby activated a beeping feature on the devices to lead law enforcement right to them, KPHO reported.

Watch KPHO-TV’s report:

Upon finding some of the stolen items, James Yunis, the homeowners’ 37-year-old son, was arrested and charged.

While some might think “technology is almost like the root of all evil lately,” Crosby said, “in this case, it definitely is not.”

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