During an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Friday, CNN’s Jake Tapper said the words almost all Americans have been dying to hear from anyone in media: “I choose to make it my job to not automatically believe what the U.S. government says.”

Jake Tapper Tells Hugh Hewitt Its Not His Job to Blindly Believe Government

(Jake Tapper)

The journalism-related discussion began after Hewitt asked if NSA leaker Edward Snowden “gravely injured the national security interests of the United States” by leaking so much classified information.

In response, Tapper explained that it’s his job to be skeptical of people like Snowden — but also of the U.S. government.

“I choose to make it my job to not automatically believe what the U.S. government says,” Tapper said.

After Hewitt argued that it’s not just those within the government who argue the leaks hurt national security, Tapper reiterated that everyone in news should maintain a healthy level of skepticism for both sides of the issue.

“My job is to be skeptical. Skeptical of people like Edward Snowden, and skeptical of the U.S. government,” the CNN host said. “My job is to not take for granted when somebody says ‘Oh, this is all just a made-up, phony scandal’ or ‘What this person did put the U.S. government at risk.’”

“It’s the exact opposite of my job to take what the government says at face value and say ‘This is the truth because the government says it, and the government never lies,’” he added.

Listen to the audio via the Hugh Hewitt Show:

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