See the Sweet Message Left by a ‘Snow Angel’ Outside a Colorado Hospital

Cards or flowers are customary gifts for those not feeling well, but outside a Colorado hospital is a message on a much grander scale. Stomped out in the snow is something for everyone with a window view to see.

It says, “Love U Dad.” Above these words are three snow angles.

love you message
This message was spotted into the snow outside of University of Colorado Hospital. (Image source: Facebook)

The University of Colorado Hospital doesn’t know who made the snow message Thursday morning or who it was intended for.

“How sweet! A snow angel left this message for their dad outside the hospital early this morning. Our staff and patients are all talking about it!” the Denver hospital wrote about the photo on its Facebook page. “We don’t know who ‘dad’ is, but we’ll let you know if we find out.”

Later, a woman named Lindsay Luther commented that it was a “love note” for her dad.

“It is something he would get a kick out of,” she wrote on Facebook.

Even if the message was intended for one person, KUSA-TV reported that hundreds of patients and staff get to enjoy it.