Elementary School Teacher Allegedly Did Something With Marijuana That Has Her In Some Serious Trouble

A California elementary school teacher was arrested Friday and has been placed on leave after she allegedly served marijuana-laced food at an employee potluck.

Matthew Turner Elementary teacher Teresa Gilmete Badger took the dish to a home off the school’s campus last November, authorities say.

Teresa Gilmete Badger allegedly served a dish laced with marijuana at an employee event last November. (Image source: Screen grab via KTVU)

After consuming the cannabis-laced food, several individuals reported feeling sick and one guest was even taken to the hospital for medical treatment, KTVU reported. One teacher even took the dish home and served it to a minor, who experienced symptoms other did not.

According to police, Badger confessed serving the food to others at the party.

The school’s principal, Leslie Beatson, issued a letter to parents Friday morning, announcing Badger’s leave of absence.

“I am writing you to let you know that Mrs. Badger is out on leave,” she said. “The length of the leave is not known at this time.”

Badger’s bail was set at $15,000, according to KTVU.

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