She Was Sentenced to Just Two Days in Jail. So Why Did She Spend Nearly Five Months Behind Bars?

An Indiana woman who was sentenced to only two days in jail for violating her drug treatment program remained incarcerated for 154 days because a judge reportedly forgot to sign the order for her release.

Clark County Circuit Court Judge Jerry Jacobi ordered 34-year-old Destiny Hoffman to spend 48 hours in jail after she allegedly diluted her drug screen results, a violation of her court-appointed drug treatment program.

Hoffman was held without bond “until further order of the court.” The judge then forgot to provide any kind of order to the court for about five months.

Destiny Hoffman (Source: Clark County PD)

Records show that Hoffman was sent to jail without a hearing or legal counseling, the News and Tribune reports. The woman was released from jail on Thursday.

“It is unknown how much longer Hoffman would have remained in the jail had it not been for the efforts of Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Michaelia Gilbert, who first questioned the woman’s incarceration while reviewing old case files Wednesday,” the report adds.

Nathan Masingo, Hoffman’s attorney, said his client may file a lawsuit against county officials on grounds that she was illegally incarcerated for an extended period of time.

(H/T: Daily Mail)