Drone Video Shows Incredible Aftermath of Massive Rock Slide That Destroyed Part of a House

It’s a sight reminiscent of the Indiana Jones run-for-your-life boulder scene; three huge rocks – the size of houses themselves – rolled down a mountainside in Germany. The images from a drone surveying the aftermath show the devastation:

This is the huge dirt path carved out by the tumbling boulders (YouTube screenshot).

It appears the boulders initially rolled as one piece then split off into separate sections.

One of the large boulders stopped short of the house but dwarfs the vehicle below. (YouTube screenshot).

One large boulder stopped on the road before the house. Unfortunately, two others crashed into the home, flattening part of the structure.

Two boulders continued to roll down the hill after destroying the house above. (YouTube screenshot).

The You Tube video is uploaded in German and English and was published with the header: “A documentary about the devastating rock fall on January 21st 2014 in Termeno (South Tyrol), Please help the family!” Drone footage from directly above the property shows the extent of the damage.

This portion of the property is a complete loss after the rock slide. (YouTube screenshot).

Check out the full video:

(H/T: Reddit)

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