Pat Robertson Reveals Plan That Could Have a Profound Impact on Christian Education

Pat Robertson has sparked both headlines and controversy over the years, but there are plenty of things Americans might not know about the Christian businessman. Take, for instance, the fact that Robertson is the founder and chancellor of Regent University, a faith-based college in Virginia.

Pat Robertson’s Regent University released a new online educational platform this week (Image source: Regent University)

Regent, which pledges to offer “Christian leadership to change the world,” recently launched a new open online platform called LUXVERA, which means “light and truth” — an education tool that offers free college courses and a series of talks from political, legal and religious minds.

Robertson, who is also the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, told TheBlaze Tuesday that he’s hoping the new initiative will transform Christian education both in the U.S. and abroad.

The platform is currently free for anyone who wishes to gain access and new classes will be added in February. Eventually, Robertson said the goal is to have “courses that will lead to a four-year baccalaureate degree.”

LUXVERA, he said, was created to meet the widespread demand for college education that exists around the globe.

“There’s a great hunger in the world for higher education and our sister organization Christian Broadcasting Network works in about 200 different countries … in almost 60 languages and there is an enormous demand for higher education material in Latin America, China, India, Latin America and all over the world,” he said, adding that this same thirst for knowledge exists in the U.S.

Robertson said the goal for LUXVERA is simple: open up a platform that gives people better and cheaper access to quality education from a Christian perspective. As stated, the platform is currently free to use, though eventually — when it comes to four-year degrees — there will be an associated cost.

But Robertson said Regent University wants to make it reasonable.

“Most American universities have priced themselves out of the market,” he added, noting that Regent’s LUXVERA would be substantially cheaper than other private school programs.

A screen shot from the LUXVERA platform (Image source: Regent University)

Robertson said that he believes LUXVERA and other efforts like it are the “wave of the future” when it comes to higher education in America. He’s also excited at the prospects of an increased pool of people who are trained at a faith-based school — people who might go on to become filmmakers, screen writers and fill other similar roles.

“At Regent University the motto is ‘Christian leadership to change the world.’ We want to train people who are grounded in biblical values and in traditional morals,” Robertson said. “This can have a profound impact assuming there are leaders who come out [of LUXVERA] … and then go on to take positions in the world.”

Visit the LUXVERA website for more about the platform.

This is the first of two articles TheBlaze will be writing based on our interview with Pat Robertson. The second piece will focus on his views surrounding America’s culture war.

Featured image via Regent University