The One Video You Non-Football Watchers Need to See Before the Super Bowl

If you only watch football once and year and are planning on attending a Super Bowl party for a) the food, b) the commercials or c) both, you can get a whole lot more out of your Sunday evening if you give this less than three-minute video a look.

“A Guide to American Football for Liberals, Ladies and Limeys” — yes, we realize more than just these stereotyped groups might need to learn some football basics — was created by Fraser Davidson, an animator and director in the U.K.

football animation
The animation goes through all the basics from terminology and plays to scoring to the structure of the NFL. (Image source: Vimeo)

So, if you want to sound just a little informed while talking shop about the game or during recaps at work Monday, check out the short animation that breaks it down (Content warning: a small amount of strong language):

Now, the video doesn’t go too in-depth and there are many more nuances about the game that you might hear super fans talking about. But don’t worry. Stick to the basics and you’ll make it through all the Broncos v. Seahawks action taking place between commercial breaks…as well as post-game debates you might encounter.

(H/T: Bleacher Report)