Only in Florida: A Woman Actually Stole a Local Reporter’s Car While On Camera

A Florida woman was captured on camera stealing a reporter’s car Friday afternoon after the journalist visited her home with the aim of exposing an alleged rental property scam.

A Florida woman stole a reporter’s car Friday afternoon on camera. (Image source: WWSB-TV)

According to WWSB-TV, reporter Josh Taylor visited a home that had allegedly been marketed to renters as an 11-bedroom home, but only had five rooms and several code violations.

Upon arriving at the home, Taylor set up a tripod on the street in front of the home. That’s when he was confronted by a woman named Jean Price.

Price demanded that Taylor leave, and when he refused, she folded up his tripod, placed it inside the news van and proceeded to drive away.

Police told WWSB-TV that Price is being charged with grand theft auto.

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