The Heartbreaking Reason a Cancer Survivor Whose Costs Have Skyrocketed Under Obamacare Is ‘Embarrassed’

28-year-old Amanda Pratt has survived a brain tumor the size of her fist. She’s had five surgeries to remove the tumor, but still has years of check-ups and treatments in her future. And now, Pratt says she feels “embarrassed and terrible,” but not because of her condition.

The young California resident spoke with TheBlaze’s Liz Klimas last week, explaining how her medical costs have skyrocketed under Obamacare, and added more Monday in a web-only exclusive with Glenn Beck.

“Have you tried to sign up for the exchange?” Beck asked.

“I have,” Pratt replied. “[It’s] impossible. The website is terrible, and when I called … It just kicked me off … I couldn’t leave my name, a phone number, nothing.”

28-year-old Amanda Pratt speaks with Glenn Beck in a web-only exclusive Feb. 3, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Pratt said she tried calling before New Year’s, and has called “four or five times” since, but has never spoken to anybody from Covered California.

In addition to being “[scared] to death” that her neurosurgeon will join the many other medical professionals who are leaving the industry, Pratt said she feels “embarrassed and terrible that no one is listening” to her story. Many who crusaded for Obamacare and promised that it would lower costs are remarkably silent when it comes to her situation, it seems.

“[I’m] embarrassed for my country, my community, that no one wants to take up my defense,” she said simply. “Just very sad.”

And though TheBlaze has picked up her story, Pratt said she even encountered some hateful commenters there.

“They all decided, well this girl … she’s 28 from California, she had to have voted for Barack Obama. Not the case,” Pratt said. “It crushed me thinking that people viewed me in this way, when that is never how I have lived my life.”

Watch the complete web exclusive, below:

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