‘Thor’ Disarmed This Man After He Allegedly Assaulted a Woman

It’s likely that this criminal never expected to be taken down by Thor — but it happened over the weekend.

Police in Stockton, Calif. say that on Sunday K-9 officer “Thor” disarmed Juan Hernandez after the 34-year-old reached in his pocket for a gun when confronted by authorities, KOVR-TV reported.

Juan Hernandez, 34, was disarmed by “Thor” on Sunday. (Image source: Screen grab via KOVR-TV)

Hernandez had allegedly just violated his restraining order and assaulted a 38-year-old woman while brandishing a firearm.

That’s when police responded and confronted him. According to police, Hernandez reached for a gun when Thor sprung into action and bit down on his arm, sending the firearm flying out of his grip.

K-9 officer “Thor” disarmed a suspect on in Stockton, Calif. on Sunday. (Image source: Screen grab via KOVR-TV)

“They are trained to alert on certain things, and when they see a suspect reaching into their pocket they know something is going to be coming out,” Stockton police officer Joe Silva told KOVR-TV.

[sharequote align=”center”]“They are trained to alert on certain things…”[/sharequote]

Hernandez was then quickly arrested and taken into custody for a litany of charges, including resisting arrest and burglary — all thanks to Thor.

“They are trained to actually seek out the threat, and Thor did that tonight which obviously saved either someone living at that house, a neighbor and our officer from dealing with someone that was armed with a firearm,” Silva said.

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