Armed Dad Did What He Had to Do to Protect His Teen Daughter From Thugs – Now He’s In Trouble With the Law

A 44-year-old man on crutches shot an intruder to death while fending off would-be robbers from his home Friday morning — and now he’s the one in trouble with the law for having outdated paperwork relating to his gun.

A homeowner is in trouble with the law after defending his home and daughter with a firearm. Police discovered during their investigation that his paperwork was outdated. (Image source: Shutterstock)

According to the Chicago Tribune, the unidentified man was awoken by his 18-year-old daughter who heard suspicions noises in the house at around 9 a.m.

Armed with a gun, the homeowner reportedly “grabbed both of his crutches and walked over and unlocked and opened the door” to investigate. Moments later, two intruders came “charging towards” him, causing the 44-year-old to shoot at them, the Tribune reported.

[sharequote align=”center”]”…grabbed both of his crutches and walked over and unlocked and opened the door…”[/sharequote]

Mario Viramontes, 31, stumbled to the ground and was reportedly declared dead at the scene. Two other men were reportedly seen running away yelling gang slogans.

As authorities investigated the incident, they learned the homeowner’s Firearm Owners Identification Card was expired, according to the Tribune. Police then reportedly charged him with one count of possessing a firearm with expired paperwork — a misdemeanor crime.

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