FAA Investigates Strange Metal Object That Hit Va. Woman’s House

When Abby Baker returned to her Herndon, Va., home Friday morning after taking her children to school, she saw her ceiling was ripped open and found a strange metal object to be the cause. The Federal Aviation Administration is began investigating the situation Monday, believing it to be a part from a plane.

metal object
This bolt-like object, which the Virginia homeowner said smelled of gasoline, crashed through her roof while she was away. (Image source: WRC-TV)

“At first, I thought maybe a gas pipe burst or something, and then I found this piece here that I thought may be was a pipe from a gas pipe,” Baker told WRC-TV. “But when I had the gas company come out, they identified it as likely a piece of aircraft.”

Though only four inches long, the metal piece weighed a couple pounds, according to WRC.

metal object
Abby Baker thought it might be part of her home’s natural gas system, but the company told her it was likely part of an aircraft. The FAA is now investigating the incident. (Image source: WRC-TV)

The FAA sent the object to inspectors at Dulles International Airport and the National Transportation Safety Board.

“We need to do some ground work to see if any airlines have reported any incident with one of their aircraft,” Barry Barbini with the FAA told the news station.

Watch WRC-TV’s report:

Though no one was hurt, Baker told WRC she worries about future incidents.

metal object
This hole was left in Baker’s roof from the metal object. (Image source: WRC-TV)

“Had it been a little this way or a little that way it could have hit my dog. It could have hit the kids in the elementary school if they had been playing out over there,” she said. “And that’s scary to me for sure.”