Robbers Likely Figured This 84-Year-Old Would Be an Easy Mark – They Didn’t Realize He Was a Former Marine

An 84-year-old Albuquerque veteran may have recently been robbed, but he didn’t let the burglars leave without a few bruises when they broke into his home.

The Marine Corps veteran, only identified as “Tom,” told KOAT-TV that he was held at gunpoint by two intruders and had his life threatened repeatedly.

“Four times, my life was threatened in a way,” he said.

Tom says his life was threatened four times by a pair of burglars. (Image source: Screen grab via KOAT-TV)

The 84-year-old said the incident — it was not clear exactly what day it took place — started when he was woken up staring straight into the barrel of a gun.

“It wasn’t no small one you put in a purse,” Tom told KOAT-TV.

Tom didn’t allow his attackers to leave without a few bruises. (Image source: Screen grab via KOAT-TV)

But the former Marine Corps veteran wasn’t willing to go down without a fight. When one of the intruders tried to choke him with a radio cord, Tom fought back and hit him below the belt.

“I just took my fists and cause he’s right at my height if I’m kneeling on the floor and he’s standing right at the height for the groin,” Tom recalled.

[sharequote align=”center”]”If you get hit the right way, oh, that’s painful.”[/sharequote]

“If you get hit the right way, oh, that’s painful,” the 84-year-old added to KOAT-TV.

However, Tom doesn’t credit his quick moves for saving his life. Instead, he thanks God.

“I go to church everyday,” he said. “And because of that I think He kept me alive.”

The burglars were able to ultimately get away with a TV, firearm, laptop and his car, but police have already nabbed one suspect, Jose Gomez, and are looking for his accomplice.

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