There’s a Glaring Mistake in This Ad From a Pro-Obama Group (Can You Spot It?)

UPDATE 4:30 p.m. EST: Shortly after this article was published, Organizing for Action removed the ad with the error and replaced with this updated version:

But TheBlaze managed to capture the original ad with the “glaring mistake.” It is available in the article below.

A pro-Obama group’s new ad about working Americans contains a pretty big mistake.

Organizing for Action, a group that grew out of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, released an ad this week backing the president’s State of the Union call for Congress to raise the national minimum wage.

“If you put in a hard day’s work, you deserve decent pay for it,” Obama said last week at a rally in Maryland. “That’s a principle everybody understands, everybody believes.”

Organizing for Action’s 30-second video is a montage of workers it says have earned a raise.

The issue?

Well, watch and see if you can catch it:

As noted by the U.K. Telegraph, one of the purported “American” workers on the screen is actually a London Overground commuter.

A woman featured in a pro-Obama group’s ad about working Americans is actually a London commuter. (Image source: YouTube)

You can even see a map of the London Overground’s “eastern-most stations of New Cross and Surrey Quays,” the Telegraph observed.

The interior of a London Underground train car. (Image source: The Daily Telegraph)

The footage was likely taken from a standard set of “B-roll” footage often used in political advertising, the newspaper noted.

Republican lawmakers have so far blocked attempts by the White House to increase the national minimum wage, arguing that a sudden increase in the cost of labor will result in an increase in unemployment.

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This post has been updated.