Carjacking Victim Leaps Into Action and Exacts Justice Before Even the Police Can

A 29-year-old pizza delivery driver who was carjacked took matters into his own hands, tracking down the suspects and beating police hot on their trail to the punch — somewhat literally.

Inomjon “Jon” Madumarov, who came from Uzbekistan to the United States only a couple months ago, was carjacked by up to eight teenagers Tuesday night, according to KDKA-TV. On Wednesday, he was using a friend’s car to drive around looking for his stolen Hyundai Elantra. Then he saw it, and it was driving way too fast, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported.

Inomjon Madumarov
Inomjon Madumarov saw his stolen car and ended up tackling the suspects to the ground after they got out and began to run. (Image source: KDKA-TV)

“He said he knows the area really well and guessed where they were going so he went there and tried to block them,” Azam Fayz, owner of the pizza shop were Madumarov works, told the newspaper, translating for Madumarov.

The suspects driving the stolen car were actually being chased by undercover Pittsburgh police. Madumarov not only successfully blocked the teens from driving any further, but he took down the pair, who had jumped out of the car, in a single leap, running faster than the police who were after them.

“He said he didn’t know he could run that fast, that God was helping him,” Fayz told the Tribune-Review. “He ran so hard that he was even faster than the police. He jumped and took them both to the ground at the same time.”

carjacking victim
Madumarov was hit over the head Tuesday when his car was stolen. (Image source: KDKA-TV)

“The same guy! Can you believe it! What are the odds of that happening?” Lt. Kevin Kraus said, according to the newspaper.

Watch KDKA-TV’s report:

The Tribune-Review reported that the two 15-year-olds who were apprehended were charged as adults. Police are searching for the other teens who might have been involved with the carjacking as well.

Translating for Madumarov, Fayz told the newspaper he thinks “in a big and peaceful country like America” the kids should “go to school and work hard,” not commit crimes.