‘Oops!’: Don’t Stop Watching This News Report Featuring Snow Joggers ‘Til the Very End

Portland’s KOIN-TV sent a reporter to the streets to get a first-hand feel for the snow’s impact on the area Friday, and she met Chelsea and Michael, a pair of joggers.

“It’s the perfect texture for running, very low impact,” Chelsea confidently tells the reporter, like she was born to be on camera.

Michael chats briefly about the folks on skis they’ve seen in the streets. Then when the reporter asks the couple if they were surprised by how much snow Portland received, Chelsea chimes in with an even smoother, rather witty response.

“When we woke up this morning, we were definitely surprised by how much there was. We were sort of joking (that) this was a nice dusting,” Chelsea quips. “But the reality is…this is a real chunk of snow, giving (Mt.) Hood a run for its money.”

With that, the pair jog away.

But that’s not the end of the report…watch the rest of it below for the full effect:

(H/T: Deadspin)