The FBI has gotten involved after a Jewish deli in Albuquerque, NM, was targeted twice in recent weeks by vandals who left anti-Semitic messages scrawled on mailing labels.

“To the Kikes who should die,” read one of the priority mail stickers which were affixed over the weekend both on the door of the Nosh Deli and on light poles and parking meters nearby. Another read, “To the Kikes who gave me a black eye.”

Mail stickers that were glued on the Nosh Deli in New Mexico (Screenshot: KOB-4)

Mail stickers that were glued on the Nosh Deli in New Mexico (Screenshot: KOB-4)

“I’m not going to be a victim, but it’s a little unsettling,” deli owner Alisa Turtletaub told KOB Eyewitness News 4. Her business was subject to a similar onslaught of written threats and anti-Jewish slurs several weeks ago.

“People are just disgusted,” Turtletaub said. “They’re disgusted that this is happening.”

KOB-4 reported that FBI investigators have dusted for fingerprints and that the agency has set up a hotline inviting anyone with information to phone.

“Don’t hide behind a postal sticker,” owner Turtletaub said. “If you have such a problem, then show your face.”

Watch this report from New Mexico’s KOB-4 television:

(H/T: JTA)

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