The Touching Reason an Elderly Couple Has Written More Than 29,000 Love Letters to One Another… and Counting

Joe and Helen Hesketh have kept their six-decade romance alive by writing one another daily love letters. But their wedded bliss hasn’t always been so enviable.

In 1974, their marriage was on the rocks. So Joe and Helen attended a retreat in hopes of turning things around.

It was there that the two learned the power of speaking loving words to one another — a lesson they continue to passionately engage in.

Image source: The Palm Beach Post
Joe and Helen Hesketh on their wedding day (Image source: The Palm Beach Post)

For the past 40 years, Joe and Helen, both 81, have been writing one another daily notes of appreciation. Each letter starts out with a prayer, then the two explain why they appreciate one another that day.

In an interview with The Palm Beach Post, Joe said that the two have written an estimated 29,200 letters over the years (14,600 for each spouse).

The first of those love notes were written Feb. 22-24, 1974 during the marriage retreat. Today, the tradition continues.

Image source: The Palm Beach Post
Joe and Helen Hesketh speak about their love letters (Image source: The Palm Beach Post)

“When we write, he can’t interrupt me. When it’s written you can’t erase it,” Helen said. “How I’m feeling and everything I’m thinking about, it’s right there.”

Of course, no relationship is perfect, but Joe and Helen continue to put effort into their matrimony.

“Marriage is a lifelong process and we’re still working on it,” Joe said.

Watch them explain their love story below:

Featured image via The Palm Beach Post