‘You Stab Them in the Back’: Beck Describes Contentious Meeting With Top GOP Member

Glenn Beck has been pushing the hashtag #DefundTheGOP for months, saying progressive, “establishment” members of the Republican Party are just as much of an obstacle to liberty as those on the left.

On Thursday, Beck had a meeting with “one of the GOP guys” he has been railing against, though didn’t reveal who it was. Beck did say, however, that the man has agreed to come and “take a beating” on his radio show and that he asked Americans to reconsider “[defunding] the GOP.”

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program about his meeting with a member of the GOP. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program about his meeting with a member of the GOP. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck spoke about the meeting on his radio show Friday, saying the man was “very nice,” but he couldn’t help but become “hostile” as he thought of all the GOP has done to the Tea Party and other grassroots activists.

Beck said he told the GOP figure: “I’ve met these people. I don’t know if you have … They’re moms and they are dads … and they sat around their kitchen table and they made signs. And then for making those signs — boy, I’m starting to get hostile again. For making those signs, they took abuse from the media and the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi, saying that they were nothing but shills for you.”

But Beck said they weren’t shills for the Republican Party; they were standing up for the Constitution.

“And then what happens?” he continued. “As soon as you’re done with them … you can’t get away from them fast enough … You stab them in the back. Then you stab them in the chest, and you stab them in the side, and you stab them in the eyes..”

Beck said scornfully that while the establishment is begging to have some of its funding restored, many of its members are not “even paying attention” to the Internal Revenue Service scandal.

“We’ve tried absolutely everything,” Beck said. “We’ve tried to be nice. We’ve tried to come with signs. We’ve come with our families. We’ve changed our life … And we have taken it every step of the way. The only time [your] shadow has ever crossed my threshold is when you’re suddenly being cut off by funds — it seems to me it might be working.”

Beck grew increasingly heated, saying the GOP has “never given a rat’s ass” about the grassroots, but as soon as they “start to feel the pinch,” all of the sudden they want “their side” to be told.

“I’ll give you an opportunity to tell your side,” Beck said. “I’ll have you tell it on the radio. I’ll have you tell it on television. But if you expect anyone to not be hostile … you’ll be in for a really big surprise. #DefundTheGOP.”

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