‘Yeah, We Got a Problem Here,’ a Husband Calls 911 to Say About His Wife. That Problem? Well, It’s Funny

An Oregon man actually called 911 recently because he couldn’t get his wife’s zipper unstuck.

The audio of the call was made available through Washington County’s “You Called 911 For That?”campaign, an effort to dissuade people from using the emergency hotline for frivolous reasons.

“911, Police Fire and Medical,” the operator said.

“Yeah we got a problem here. My wife is struggling in her jacket and can’t get it off. I want 911 here immediately,” the Oregon man said.

“Is she not breathing?” the operator asked.

“She’s alright! She just can’t get her fu**ing jacket off!” the man raged.

The fire department eventually responded to the call and freed the woman from her jacket. Also, no harm was done to the jacket, KGW-TV reported.

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