Make sure you’ve had your coffee before trying this one. Stare at the red dot in the gif below for 10 seconds and see what your eyes naturally do once the blocks turn white!

Stare at this illusion for 10 seconds to witness pure magic

After staring at the red dot in the optical illusion above for 10 seconds your eyes will change the black and white cityscape into a colorful world of pastels. “Each building will have its own nuanced color,” Sploid reported.

This eyeball illusion is called after imaging, and has been used by clever artists for years to get our eyes working in an unexpected way.

By focusing in on the dot the afterimage – also known as ghost image or image burn-in – will essentially remain in your vision because staring at the bright, different colors basically temporarily burns the image into your retina. Once the illusion flips to white, your eyes will still see the after effect of the colors.

To get the best effect, try it on the expanded version below:

Stare at this illusion for 10 seconds to witness pure magic

(H/T: Sploid)

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