‘I’m Getting Pretty Sick of Seeing Shoplifters in Here’: Video Purportedly Captures Man Confronting Walmart Shoplifter

A new video posted online Monday purports to show a man confront a woman he caught shoplifting at Walmart.

“After watching this chick in the store attempt to shoplift several items I decided to let her see me following her until she decided to change her mind,” the video’s YouTube description, posted by “Brandon Messenger,” states. “I started filming when she starting pulling item after item out of a purse that at one point was also concealed in her own purse.”

The individual who posted the video told TheBlaze the incident took place this week at a Walmart location in Washington state. The video description states he is “well trained in loss prevention” and has previously caught hundreds of individuals stealing.

In the video, the women attempts to justify placing the multiple items in her purse by saying she was holding it for someone, but the unidentified man doesn’t buy her story.

“I’m getting pretty sick of seeing shoplifters in here,” he says, forcing the women to empty her purse. “Do you understand me?”

[sharequote align=”center”]”I’m getting pretty sick of seeing shoplifters in here.”[/sharequote]

The women then starts walking toward the exit, but hands over a Social Security card after the man asks her for identification. When he also tells a store associate to summon a manager, the woman runs out of the store, leaving the ID she handed over behind.

According to the video’s description, the Social Security card she provided “was not hers.” The video description also alleges the woman in the video is currently “out on bail right now.”

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