Canadian Radio Hosts Calling the Exact Moment Their Team Won Hockey Gold Is Crazy

Canadians love their hockey. They also love beating the United States, especially when international bragging rights are on the line. So when the Canadian women were down 0-2 in the final minutes of Thursday’s gold-medal game in Sochi, it looked inevitable that the American women were destined for glory.

Then one of the most heartbreaking collapses in recent memory happened.

(Source: YouTube)
(Source: YouTube)

If you don’t know, the Canadians came back to score two goals to send it into overtime (while the Americans missed an open net shot that might have iced the game). The Canadians eventually won in overtime.

That summary is definitely not as exciting as how a group of Canadian radio hosts called the overtime action. Cameras were rolling during the moment the Canadians sealed the improbable comeback, and the crew known as Tim and Sid delivered an epic celebration.

Watch below (Tim is on the left, and Sid is on the right):