Hezbollah Claims Jews Created Fictional Hero ‘Superman’ in Plot to ‘Take Over’ America

According to a wild “report” by Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV, the fictional hero “Superman” was a Jewish invention designed to “take over the greatest superpower in the world, to control all aspects of its daily life, and to harness it in the service of Jewish goals worldwide.”

Translated and posted by the Middle East Media Research Institute, a reporter claims alienated Jews “tried to change society’s opinion of them by inventing cinematic characters that would serve as role models.”

(Photo: Al Manar TV via MEMRI)
(Photo: Al Manar TV via MEMRI)

“Everybody wanted to be like Superman, the hero from outer space, who could not fit in society as Superman,” the reporter continues. “So [they] invented a character that was better suited for American society – the feeble, bespectacled Clark Kent.”

It is not overlooked in the report that the creators of Superman were the children of Jewish immigrants.

Imitating a serious broadcast, the camera then goes to a seated university professor and international photographer, Farroukh Majidi.

He comments: “If you hit the heart of somebody, the result is short term, but if you hit his brain, then the result is long term…”

Watch the entire segment courtesy of MEMRI-TV, below: