Poll: Should Girl Scouts Sell Cookies Outside Pot Dispensaries?

“Fish where the fish are.”

That’s good advice for anyone hoping to catch a lot of fish. One Girl Scout in San Francisco apparently had a similar thought when she set up shop selling cookies outside a medical marijuana dispensary.

Image: Facebook
Image source: Green Cross via Facebook

Danielle Lei sold boxes of Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs outside the Green Cross medicinal marijuana dispensary on Monday. It was so successful that within 45 minutes, Danielle and her mom had to call for additional cookies to be delivered. According to Mashable, Danielle sold 117 boxes in just two hours — a 40 percent increase over what she sold in a similar amount of time outside of a regular grocery store the very next day.

It’s not the first time the enterprising scout has sold outside of a marijuana dispensary. Last year, she set up shop outside two other local dispensaries, according to the East Bay Express, a local news outlet.

The Green Cross announced on Facebook that Danielle will be back in front of their store on Saturday for another two hours, posting: “Cookies, cannabis and charities, what more can you ask for!?”

While some on Twitter have praised the “entrepreneurial” spirit behind such sales, the Girl Scouts of Colorado, whose state recently legalized the sale of marijuana, stated unequivocally that it does not allow its members to sell cookies in front of pot dispensaries or bars.

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