A new video produced by a popular YouTube channel takes a look at the “science of love” — and it has some advice for those who may be lacking a significant other.

SoulPancake’s latest hit, published last week, uses real people to investigate whether individuals actually enjoy the single life. It further examines what they can do to possibly change their current relationship status.

“We brought in a selection of single people and asked them a few questions.”

“We wanted to see how people felt about singledom,” host Julian Hueguet explains in the video. “We brought in a selection of single people and asked them a few questions.”

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

We don’t want to give away the entire video, so you will just have to watch it, but it has left many inspired.

“All single people watch this now!”

“WOW. Thanks for making this,” one individual commented on YouTube. “The vulnerability is inspiring.”

“All single people watch this now!” another wrote.

“I loved this video that much that I tried it,” wrote yet another. “Picked up the phone and blurted everything out. Nothing I can do about it now I thought and after it I was instantly happy!”

At the time of publication, the video had acquired over 300,000 views on YouTube.

Watch the ‘Science of Love’:

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