‘Nothing Infuriates Me More’: The Breastfeeding Tweet That Ignited the Internet

A mother managed to ignite an Internet firestorm after she sent a tweet Friday to Delta Airlines asking about their breastfeeding policy.

“What’s your breastfeeding policy?” Lindsay Jaynes asked Delta’s customer service account, @DeltaAssist. According to WXIA-TV, the mother was preparing for an extended upcoming flight and was curious about the airline’s on-board policy.

However, it’s not likely she was prepared for the answer she received.

Delta suggested an alternative, but as Jaynes later explained, it wasn’t a viable option.

Hours later, the airline finally responded to her inquiry, completely reversing their earlier position and saying that “Delta welcomes breastfeeding mothers and babies on our flights.”

It may have been too late, however. The back and forth ignited a firestorm online.

Jayne told WXIA-TV that Delta later called her to apologize, but said she wasn’t entirely sure it was sincere.

“I’ve flown Delta for years,” she said. “And I don’t feel like they’re taking it seriously.”

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