Bank Teller’s Priceless Reaction to a Robbery Attempt

A Chinese bank teller seemed totally unfazed by one man’s attempt to hold up her bank, at one point even turning to her colleagues and actually laughing out loud during the ordeal.

Police arrested the would-be robber in Shanghai, China, after he tried unsuccessfully to rob a bank with a meat cleaver.

Talking on a phone, the man walked into a China Construction Bank and at first looked like he was going to pull the fire alarm, according to the Chinese website XinhuaNet.

A nearby security officer reportedly chased him away from the fire alarm, prompting the perpetrator to produce the meat cleaver and announce, “This is a robbery!”

Still on the phone, the man approached the teller’s station. But there was a problem: Separating the man from the teller was a plate of bulletproof glass.

The teller was obviously amused by the whole situation and it showed:

Bank Teller Laughs at One Truly Awful Robber

The man was quickly subdued by a nearby security guard and later taken into custody by Shanghai authorities.

Law enforcement officials are reportedly interested in evaluating the man’s mental state, Xinhuanet reported.

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