This Face Belongs to a Man Who Allegedly Committed One of the Most Heinous Crimes Imaginable

A defenseless 4-month-old baby is dead after her mother’s boyfriend allegedly abused and sexually assaulted the infant, according to police in Albuquerque, N.M.

The child, Izabellah, died on Sunday after spending two weeks on life support for brain damage and other trauma relating to the horrific attack.

Bernalillo County Detention Center
Bernalillo County Detention Center
Source: KOB-TV

“Albuquerque police said 19-year-old Elijah Fernandez was likely on drugs when he abused the child. Izabellah was left in Fernandez’s care while her mother, Angelique Montano, went out to do laundry,” KOB-TV reports.

So far, Fernandez has reportedly admitted to slapping the child when she wouldn’t stop crying. However, a nurse who examined the baby girl also found evidence of sexual assault.

Fernandez now faces a charge of child abuse resulting in death. He had already been arrested and charged in relation to the crime earlier this month.