Furious Grandmother Will Never Visit Burger King Again After What She Found on Her Receipt

A grandmother in Richmond, Va., says she will never visit Burger King again after she received a receipt from the fast food chain calling her and her daughter-in-law a “B**** A** Hoes.”

The vulgar description was included where the customer’s name is supposed to appear.

Screengrab via Gawker
Screengrab via Gawker

The woman, identified by WTVR-TV as “Miss Lorel,” said the receipt was “more than an insult.”

“I mean calling you names on a piece of a paper, that will hurt somebody,” she said. “I liked going there. But after this, they won’t get my business anymore.”

After being handed the receipt at the drive-thru window, Miss Lorel took it to the manager, who apologized. However, she was not provided a refund.

“He did apologize. He also called the young lady over and asked her, ‘did you see this?’ She just shook her head. He said it had never happened before,” she explained.

Now a Burger King district manager claims he is “dealing with” the situation. Further, franchise owner John Naparlo hopes surveillance video will help him identify who is responsible for the offensive receipt.

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