Graphic and Disturbing Video of Arrest Released After Man Dies in Police Custody

An attorney representing the family of a Oklahoma man, who died in police custody following an alleged struggle, has released raw video captured by the man’s wife.

It is the first time the public has had access to evidence relating to the case, which has sparked allegations of police brutality. It should be noted that the video is only part of what happened during the incident that occurred earlier this month.

The video shows five Moore, Okla., police officers detaining Luis Rodriguez, some of them pressing their knees on his back to prevent him from moving. The man’s wife, Nair, claims police beat her husband, though the video released does not show the officers beating him.


At the very beginning of the video, it sounds like Rodriguez is attempting to say something. Shortly after, his wife is heard asking her husband if he is OK.

He does not answer.

Though he appears to be unresponsive, police prop the man up with their knees while they wait for medical personnel to arrive. Nair is heard screaming for her husband and asking police if he’s alive.

“He’s alive,” an officer responds.

Watch the video here (WARNING: The following video is extremely disturbing):

Because the video doesn’t show what happened leading up to the arrest, former homicide investigator Kyle Eastridge told KFOR-TV that it’s hard to give an opinion on the case.

However, based on the video evidence, he said officers don’t appear to have used excessive force based on his experience with police procedure.

“This is pretty benign as far as police procedure goes. Everything is textbook. I don’t know what happened before,” Eastridge added.

Basically, unless there’s more video that shows the entire incident, it’s “going to come down to what does the medical examiner’s report say.”

It could be several more weeks before the report is finalized.