Pro-Israel Student Angry After ‘Apartheid Week’ Video Includes His Image Edited to Make Him Look Like He Agrees With the ‘Trash’ Cause

Brandeis University senior Joshua Nass calls himself “a strong supporter of Israel” and “a vocal opponent” of the campaign to boycott Israel, a movement he describes as “bigoted” and “trash.”

Apartheid-Week-VideoHe was therefore horrified upon discovering – via a slew of tweets this weekend – that his image had been edited into the promotional video for “Israel Apartheid Week,” a week-long festival of anti-Israel activities on campus taking place this week, aimed at painting the Jewish state as institutionally racist.

Nass was once a guest on a television show in which he called on universities to fire professors who had signed on to a boycott of Israeli academics, but the pro-Palestinian promo video included a moment of Nass nodding his head in agreement, which some could interpret to mean that he supports their movement.

About a minute into the pro-Palestinian video, Nass is shown nodding his head in agreement as anchor Stuart Varney of Fox Business News says of the academic boycott, “Now I understand that this is a big deal in Europe, they’ve been part of this boycott for a long, long time. But this is the first time I’ve seen it come to America.”

Now, Nass is calling on “Apartheid Week 2014” organizers who posted the video on YouTube which has had more than 19,000 views as of this writing, to remove it.

Nass told the Jewish news site the Algemeiner on Monday, “This is all faked. They fraudulently edited in my image to make it seem I support their anti-Israel smears, when I am one of the student leaders speaking out the most loudly in favor of Israel.”

Once he saw the video, he added to the conversation with these messages:

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Nass is seen in the video along with well-known supporters of the boycott Israel campaign, including Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters and physicist Stephen Hawking.

“Professors who supported that motion, ‘in defense of academic freedom,’ prove they don’t know anything about academic freedom; by blackballing Israel,  it shows they don’t believe in academic freedom, and, thereby, should no longer be charged with teaching students,” Nass told the Algemeiner. “I went on air to say their schools should fire them!”

Nass said that he learned of the video when he was traveling to Boston and received a slew of Twitter messages “asking why I had changed sides? Of course, I hadn’t.”

Besides the Israel advocacy, the bio on Nass’s website describes him as president of the Brandeis College Republicans and the founder of the group Voices of Conservative Youth. The Algemeiner reported that he was a student organizer for Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Here is the video which Nass is protesting: