The Simple Note of Apology From a Train Conductor That Brightened Everyone’s Day

A conductor on a Metro-North train out of New Haven, Conn., impressed customers Monday morning after he issued a written apology for mistakenly assuring them last week that their train would be on time.

Conductor Michael Shaw, who is also the president of the conductors union, according to Gawker, was incorrect when he told travelers last Friday that their express train would arrive on schedule.

Image via @Shawdogs65
Image via @Shawdogs65

After he was proven wrong, he typed up a heartfelt letter explaining that he was “shocked & furious” that the train had inconvenienced its passengers.

“I still am,” he added. “One, that I was never told this information and two, that I made a huge mistake in telling you, MY/OUR passengers to ‘trust me and wait for the express train behind us’ not knowing Metro North had canceled it.”

“I am as sick of apologizing to you as you are of hearing it. Like I tell my kids its [sic] ok to apologize for something but its [sic] even more important not to let it happen again. I will never make this mistake again and I know its [sic] to [sic] late to fix Friday but wanted you to know how embarrassed and truly sorry myself and my crew are for this enexceptable [sic] incident,” he added. “Some of us still care.”

He reportedly printed out 500 copies of the letter, signed each one and left a copy Monday morning on each of the train’s seats.

Not surprisingly, in this day of public transportation nightmares, the conductor’s sincere apology was well-received by the grateful passengers. Thanks started flooding Shaw’s Twitter account, a development he seems to be handling well.

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Featured image via @Shawdogs65.